A Los Angeles Wedding

1 2 3 4 6 7 58 9 10 11 12 13 1415 16 17 18 21I truly admire this wedding and all the whimsical galore that goes with it without having to elaborate (just a bit). Who could resist this wedding when you got pink flamingos and big hair bows for the bridesmaids? You can really feel the ‘Alice in Wonderland”-like theme here and it was done so perfectly! Let us take a moment to share the bowl full of fun on this fairy tale-like occasion as we go through some of the pictures taken by Sarah. Click here to see the photo gallery.

From Sarah K Chen Photography… The groom’s name is ken and the bride looks just like Barbie (the epitome of a perfect girl) and both of them share a kind of love that is more than special. You can see it in the way Ken holds Andrea while they laugh together as if he can’t get enough of her. I was honored to be part of their wedding and took the pictures of the event. These 2 cuties are really made for each other and I had to say that this is by far my favorite wedding I had to cover. There were a lot of interesting elements around like real chickens and pink flamingos (not real), paper planes, giant jenga, croquet, funny glasses, food trucks, and family portraits. You can really get the sense of fun in this couple as it is all reflected with the things you see around at the wedding. I like everything about it, but I what I like most about was taking photos of their love, their happy moments, and their loved ones at their big day.

From the Bride… Our wedding was enthused by the venue we have chosen. We got married on a porch at the Hale House in Heritage Square Museum and we placed a lot of elements depicting home in most of the designs. I also love Alice in Wonderland so some elements of the story were also incorporated in our wedding like the tea party, the croquet, doorknobs, and most especially the pink flamingos!

The preparations for the wedding were the labor of our love. Mom and I spent months looking over at Craigslist, Antique Stores, Rose Bowl Flea Market, and some Thrift Shops for the all the mismatched China and the furniture. We even got a lot of weird looks when we used mom’s car to transport the cabinet on the freeway. I took care of the 70 save the date postcards and hand stitched them all while Ken took care of the invitation (he’s a very talented animator and illustrator). One of my best friends, Emily then took Ken’s designs and created all the invitations for the wedding. She was also the one who created the programs, did the calligraphy on the envelopes, and took care of other handwritten designs. Not only that, Emily also helped me in facilitating all of my bridesmaids. I asked of all the ladies to wear any type of black dress for the wedding so that they would instantly stand out from the rest of the crowd. She also helped me in hand polishing the mismatched vintage silverwares, making the garlands, creating the signs, folding 100 paper planes, and making table numbers.

I had so many unforgettable moments during the wedding, but one of my most significant would be the time when Ken had dropped the ring at the ceremony. He joking played the part during the rehearsal, but I never thought he would actually drop it on the very day. It was really funny. Fortunately, Ken was able to grab it while it was falling on the stairs and put it in my finger right away. Another favorite would have to be our first dance as we got so nervous on that very moment. My husband took dance classes, but I couldn’t make it due to my hectic schedules at the law school so we stopped it. Our song for the dance was “Midnight, the Stars, and You” by Ray Noble which happened to be also the song at the end of “The Shining” (our first movie together). Just as Jack’s (Nicholson) character had been “the caretaker” in the movie, Ken also whispered to me, “I have always been yours forever and ever”.

Wedding Planning + Design: Bride and Emily Denis, The Party Task Force | Floral: Renee Fontana | Catering: Rounds Burger Truck | Cakes: Fantasy Frosting | Hair + Makeup: Leann Seto at Kelly Zhang | Wedding Dress: Alvina Valenta | Mother of the Bride Dresses:  The Green Guide | Shoes: Badgley Mischka | Groom’s Suit: J.Crew


Love Letter

rose-love-letterDear Savannah,

Today you turn nine years old. It’s crazy how fast you’re growing. I remember when you were still in my belly and Auntie and I would say to each other “can you even picture yourself with a five year old?!” And now you’re nine.

I love so many things about you. I love your “God line” and how your nose crinkles when you laugh. I love that you want to be in “comfy clothes” all the time. I love how you love your sister. I love that pray to God. I love that you’re sensitive, and you care about other peoples feelings. I love that you’re facing your fears, and becoming confident and independent. I love that you dance with me even though it’s “not your thing.”

I love you so much. Happy ninth birthday sweet girl.

Some words from our song:

“To you, everything’s funny
You got nothin to regret
I’d give all I have, honey
if you could stay like that.

Oh, darling don’t you ever grow up don’t you ever grow up
just stay this little.
Oh, darling don’t you ever grow up, don’t you ever grow up
it could stay this simple.”



A Connecticut Wedding

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The pictures from this event were taken by Michelle Gardella and you can see the full gallery when you click here. Let us take a moment and get a glimpse of the wedding of Chelsea from Everthine Bridal Boutique and her sweetheart in a magnificent event that truly left everyone of us breathless.

From the very beautiful Bride… When we made plans for our wedding, we try to maintain the natural feel as much as possible and we were okay if things would not go to perfect (for there’s no such thing as perfect weddings anyway, only perfect couples). We looked for the venue for the wedding and when we saw the Harkness grounds the sheer beauty of the place captured our hearts and we immediately felt that this was the ideal spot for the wedding. The place was the fit backdrop for all our plans and we wanted to magnify all the wedding detail to make it as noticeable as possible. It was a good thing that we did not consider for other venue options because the Harkness State Park has everything we needed for our special day and it goes without saying that we instantly fell in love with it. Me and my husband grew beside the shorelines of Connecticut so we knew that no matter where our wedding was going to be held, it should be somewhere on the water. We were really destined to pick this place because all the elements of the area are just right.

Our wedding was filled with soft tones of peach, cream, and light green and these colors were just right in showcasing the romantic elements of the occasion. My family is fond of doing treasure hunts during the weekends so we used a lot of the items that are found in our family’s collection. We utilized about 50 antique bottles that dad managed to collect in his lifetime. These bottles were then used as centerpieces and they were just perfect enough to fit without having to add larger arrangements. On the other hand, out table numbers that was made from herbs also doubled as our wedding favors. The guests loved the idea. I wanted then to send home a piece of my wedding and they were more than happy to take the memories that go with it! As for my wedding dress, it was a bit bold and daring with the low cut and the backless design, but it was cleverly paired with a cathedral lace veil to add a touch of class. I welcome anything unexpected and I was able to got one from my wedding dress. I got my gown from my own business as I happened to be the owner of Everthine Bridal Boutique. I love the Jenny Packham dress for it exudes the feeling of old Hollywood.

All in all, my wedding was everything that I could ever hope for and it was truly an occasion I just couln’t replace for anything.

Wedding Dress: Jenny Packham | Bridesmaid Dresses: The Green Guide | Flowers: Bakes and Baldwin | Invitations: Ladyfingers Letterpress | Location: Eolia Mansion at Harkness Memorial Park | Shoes: Jimmy Choo | Wedding Planning: Jackie Maculaitis, Ambiance Luxe | Hair: Emily Reale | Makeup: Jennie Fresa | Bridal Boutique: Everthine Bridal Boutique



Whimsical Moroccan-Inspired Wedding


Kevin and Eleanor got married in Murray Hill in Virginia and the ceremony was held in the expensive lawn area overlooking the Potomac River while their reception was held at a barn! Their wedding was full of Moroccan-inspired elements and they were bold enough to incorporate a lot of colors either. There are so many funny ideas you can get from their affair. Here’s what Eleanor can say about her inspiration behind the stunning design:

The colors and the design of our wedding day were essential, but what’s more important is that we both get what we wanted. We wanted flowers and colors to represent this transition that we are about to take part with because we can see that our marriage will be a bright and fun stage in our lives where both of us can be carefree be there for each other forever.

We thank Tabitha for giving us these beautiful images of the wedding and we also extend our congratulations to Kevin and Eleanor!

moroccanVA-wedding-02 moroccanVA-wedding-03 moroccanVA-wedding-04 moroccanVA-wedding-05 moroccanVA-wedding-06 moroccanVA-wedding-07 moroccanVA-wedding-08 moroccanVA-wedding-09moroccanVA-wedding-10moroccanVA-wedding-11

I love Eleanor’s bright colored bouquet courtesy of SweetRootVillage.

moroccanVA-wedding-12 moroccanVA-wedding-13moroccanVA-wedding-14moroccanVA-wedding-15

From the Photographer… As an alternative to the ceremony program, the couple has designed a newspaper filled with photos and articles written by some of their loved ones. Kevin originally hails from Ghana while Eleanor is from the U.S. and they both met at grad school when they were in London and then fell in love with country of Kenya. Right after their wedding, they went to Vietnam for their honeymoon and are now living in Scotland. Their wedding was their “door” to living a new life together.

If you’re going to ask me, temporary tattoos fro wedding will always be a great idea to make everything interesting. It was such a clever way to keep the guests busy while waiting for the ceremony to start and having their drinks at the party after.


Our musical choices – Processional: “Butterfly Waltz” by Brian Crain, Recessional: “All You Need Is Love” by The Beatles, First Dance: “A Desert Sunrise” by Brett Dennen

moroccanVA-wedding-19 moroccanVA-wedding-20 moroccanVA-wedding-21

The most memorable part of the wedding – Eleanor: My favorite part of the wedding was when Kevin and I were both sharing our vows. As we promised our lived to one another, the whole world around us seemed to have stopped for a moment. I also love the time when I walked on the aisle. I did my best to walk as slow as I can and savor each moment looking at all the people that I love and finally to him. It was such a magical experience.

moroccanVA-wedding-22 moroccanVA-wedding-23 moroccanVA-wedding-24

Kevin: I saw the whole wedding as a transformation from living as one and now being 2 (me and Ele). I saw the first sign of this upon seeing the barn completed for the reception. I had my doubts at first, but like the wedding the transformation was indeed reassuring. And that left me with great anticipation to see my bride walk down that aisle… on her way into becoming ‘us’.

moroccanVA-wedding-25 moroccanVA-wedding-26 moroccanVA-wedding-27 moroccanVA-wedding-28moroccanVA-wedding-29 moroccanVA-wedding-30

The barn was really transformed into a Moroccan wonderland full of colors and with a lot of bazaar-inspired elements. My absolute fave for this part are the terracotta pots with bright colored blooms and being suspended above the rafters. Laura from Events In The City made this all possible for Kevin and Eleanor.

moroccanVA-wedding-31 moroccanVA-wedding-32 moroccanVA-wedding-33 moroccanVA-wedding-34 moroccanVA-wedding-35

These clusters of brass lanterns (in various sizes) hanging all over the place is another element of the wedding that I came to love.

moroccanVA-wedding-36 moroccanVA-wedding-37 moroccanVA-wedding-38 moroccanVA-wedding-39moroccanVA-wedding-40

And I’m totally crazy about this “Hip Hip Hooray” sign at the back of the car! It was really cute!


Wedding advice – Take a moment with your partner at the wedding. As my husband puts it, “This moment is our time to soak everything that this day has to offer… A time to cherish all the beauty of the moment and remember it ‘til eternity”. He’s right about this. Aside from that, choose a wedding that really represents the 2 of you. Most women have this vision of what “I” want for the wedding. Let your man share his opinions too so that the day will entirely be yours and you can really call it “your own”.

Venue: Murray Hill Leesburg, Virginia | Event Design: Laura Ritchie with Events in the City | Floral design: Sweet Root Village | Wedding dress: Claire Pettibone | Bridesmaid Dresses: J.Crew | Groom’s suit: Reiss | Groom’s shoes: Timberland Boot Company | Hair: Claudine Fay | Catering: Design Cuisine | Music: DJ D Mac

A Larkspur Wedding

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4 5 6 7 8 10 911 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 1920I was able to live in Larkspur for a moment, but that brief moment was really amazing! It’s just one of the most magnificent places you can go into and all the hills are just breath-taking. The pictures of this wedding is courtesy of Claire Curran & Chestnut and Vine. Let us look back at those precious moments by taking a look at the pictures here.

From the Bride… Basically our goal at the wedding was to have a great party along with our favorite people. Planning for the party was really a team effort and making the day unique all relies on the details that we have to include. My aunt is a superb graphic designer and we were fortunate enough to have her and helped us with all of the printed elements of the wedding. She worked hand in hand with us from the invitation, the labeling in our jams, and to the program of the whole occasion. We opted to use driftwood for the card stands on the table as both of our dads collected them all with John and they cut at slit somewhere in the center of the wood to place the card. John and I have taken care of the table card design and each of the cards must show different animals that we saw together. I painted the drawings with watercolors while John was giving his expert advice as he is well attuned with animal biology. John’s mother have sewn the pillows where the rings were going to be placed while my sis had taken care of the playlist that’s going to be played at the party. Both our families made a slideshow of me and it was shown during the reception. It was their surprise gift to us. All of these details truly stand out when I look back at my big day.

I’m an architect and one of my considerations for the venue was spatial environment. We had no idea where would we get married at first, but I knew it from the start that where ever it may be it should have high ceilings and enduring architecture whether if it’s indoor or outdoor. The wedding ceremony was held at the gothic cathedral in the lovely San Francisco. The ceremony was grand, but it was very classy and romantic at the same time. The reception was more of a relaxed feel and it served as a transition to the formal ceremony. We wanted to inspire the natural feel through the decors that we have placed in the entire venue. The Tavern was very instrumental in setting the tone as it was restored Victorian redwood grove masterpiece. We also put emphasis on the blooms for the occasion as well as the other ‘softer’ elements of the decoration. All the flowers used were seasonal and we were so thankful to the florist for doing such an amazing job! The arrangement was done with a lot of texture and it showed a more wild and fanciful look. The ribbon canopy that was found outside the bar was my idea from the very start. It was a way to effectively define the space using the elements of color. We were so happy with the way the decorations came out! In fact, one of my favorite moments was when both of us entered the cocktail hour and simply enjoyed all the things we have done for this day with all of our dear friends and loved ones.

John’s old man is a fisherman from Italy so seafood has always been part of their lives. He used to bring oysters everytime we had a family gathering at the house and we will eat happily on the table. It’s a great food to eat because of the experience that you are eating this along with the persons you loved. And it really played that part in our wedding because the oyster bar was really a hit to all of our guests!

Our reception was not far from the church. We have to cross the Golden Gate Bridge on the way to Marin. We wanted everybody to fully enjoy the party without having to worry about driving home afterwards so we provided buses for the guests all throughout the wedding. Inside the bus there were coolers full of beers and champagne so that the guest could begin partying right after the wedding ceremony. We envision having an amazing party and we were happy that we were just able to do that. Since John is from the east coast side as well as my extended family, most of our guests were come from out of town. We had a quick stop at the Golden Gate Bridge to take a few pictures then we headed off to the cocktail party.

John and I first met when I mistaken sent him a message on FB (facebook). He though that I was his friend’s girlfriend who happened to have the same name as mine and they were supposed to meet over the weekend. After realizing his mistake, John threatened ‘de-friend’ me on facebook and I took offense on that. And that simple mistake paved the way for us to start doing FB conversations. In our first few months of knowing each other, we communicate using emails and phone calls and share out “to do” list together. He eventually came out of Denver to take me on a real date in San Francisco. After having an embarrassing 30 minutes at my apartment (apparently my roommate stayed for a while to make sure he was not a psycho killer), we headed off to a really awesome date! Our 2nd date came in a month later and we went skydiving and he stayed over for the weekend. And a month after that, John had ultimately decided to move with me in San Francisco. Our love for adventure and being constantly active are the things that keep us together that’s why we wanted to represent these aspects in our wedding in a way that would be unique for us.

I’m much into details while John tends to see the bigger picture. Planning our wedding served as a learning experience for both and it made us stronger as well no matter how silly it sounds. We have learned to make compromise and not to be caught on one idea only and we also learned to listen to other’s opinion. Staying grounded in decision making was not easy for the both if us, but having each other is what made us stronger. Everyone has their own thought on how to have their big day and it’s very easy to be succumbed with all the details. My advice, choose a handful of ideas and just simply put your focus on them. Trust me, it will work like magic.

Event Coordination: Claire Curran |  Wedding Dress: Amy Kuschel | Floral Design: Chestnut and Vine | Caterer: The Tavern at Lark Creek | Cake: Leland Tea Company |  Cocktail Hour Music: Amy Dabalos | Hair + Makeup: Milvali Salon | Shoes: Badgley Mischka | Bridesmaid Dresses: J.Crew

My Family

AAHH! I’m so blessed. I have an amazing husband. I’m almost positive he doesn’t like to go out and “have a session” every other night (ok..we hardly have ANY time as a family but still) but he agrees every time I ask. I love you, Rick. So, we went to the beach because we hardly go there and it’s my kids favorite spot in the world. Especially Savannah. She says she would like to live on the beach one day, and I believe she might.

These images (I feel) are the closest I’ve come in a very long time to what I started out doing and loving in the first place. I loved the imperfection of lifestyle photography. The images that aren’t perfect “smile at the camera” photos but life captured. Actually.

before-and-during-the-wedding-240-450x300 wedding2 Wedding_party WeddingParty IMG_1276 IMG_8591-1 large-wedding-party Jenn_Brandon022-550x3662



30/52 Discovery

This weeks theme is “Discovery: What is something new you have discovered? ”

Honestly…it’s my new 70 200. Trying to use it properly, finding out what it can do. And learning to love zoom.. (I’m a prime girl). I love this lens for weddings so that I don’t have to get right into everyone’s face, but I am loving it more for children and families. A couple of my favorites…

Wedding-Party Wedding_party WeddingParty

 Now go to Robin Moore, Cary NC Photographer http://www.rkmoorephotography.com

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  1. These are gorgeous shots! I always love the bokeh that the 70-200 produces and you can spot it a mile away. Great job!

Blake Boys

It’s so fun to be able to photograph kids while they grow.  The littlest here I photographed when he was just a teeny thing..and here he is now all full of personality and cuteness! He ran around and was even talking! It was the cutest thing!  And big brother is becoming quite the charmer.  I could photograph them every day!

2616049592_ca2387719d Cute Baby Boy HD Wallpaper-cutelittlebabies.blogspot.com



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